Graphics card no longer works (9500gt)

By evanmorgan
Jan 9, 2010
  1. I bought a 9500GT about a year ago, i dont really play many games and only wanted it so i could run 2 monitors. It used to work for me on Vista but I have recently upgraded to windows 7. I had a nightmare yesterday, i managed to mess with the registry and Vista wouldnt start up, then i smelt something burning and turned the comp off. I removed about a kilo of dust and started it back up, it still stunk and shut itself off, i swapped the power supply with one from an old computer (however its higher watts, 450 i think) and it then worked, i then bought windows 7 and thats when my graphics card problems started.

    My computer just doesnt seem to recognise that it is in there, the fan is still going around so it is recieving power but when i plug either monitor in it doesnt work (stays on standby) - my onboard graphics works.

    I formatted the hard drive before installing windows 7.

    Not sure what i can do so i would appreciate any help,

    If you need more details then I can get them

    Apologies for the unstructured babbling, i just wanted to make sure the timeline of events (ie switching the power supply) was all there.


  2. dividebyzero

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    Have you installed the nVidia Forceware driver for WIndows 7 ? Make sure you get the one for the appropriate operating system 32 bit or 64 bit.
    Have you removed the card and physically checked it's condition?- Is there any lingering burnt smell or obvious scorch marks? if no then...

    If your graphics card is branded (i.e Asus, Gigabyte, XFX etc) then go the the manufacturers website and download from there, if not then nVidia's latest Forceware driver (195.62) is available from the nVidia site here

    If you have the driver downloaded already and the card does not appear in the System Device Manager then uninstall the card (uninstall the driver- use Driver Sweeper in preference to "Add and Remove Programs") Driver Sweeper here:

    Reboot and install the driver- if the card is not recognised then it's probably time for a new card.
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