Graphics card overheating

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Mar 6, 2012
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  1. my problem is that my laptop switches off automatically after it reaches the Welcome Screen (this is when the graphic card drivers are installed). When I delete the drivers and use the Standard VGA controller the laptop works perfectly, however on a lower resolution. Is there any help i can get on repairing the problem will be appreciated.
  2. Cinders

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    Well if the graphics chip is overheating then it should be possible to dissemble the clam shell and remove the dust that's causing the over heating. You should be able to find a schematic that will show you where the screws are hidden and what you'll have to remove to fix the problem. You'll more than likely need thermal paste so you can reseat any heat sink you remove.
  3. kdoflow

    kdoflow TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just incase that dosent help, any other method which could be effective?
  4. dustin_ds3000

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    Just like Cinders said, it seem like the laptop has some airflow issues and it needs to be cleaned out to remove the dust in side. you shouldn't remove the any heat sinks if your not comfortable doing so. so just for now blow all the dust out and reinstall the drivers and see if that helps you out. post back you findings.
  5. kdoflow

    kdoflow TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tried the cleaning part. i have a HP Compaq 6515B. whats the second step after cleaning the dust?
  6. kdoflow

    kdoflow TS Rookie Topic Starter

    is there an alternative for thermal paste?
  7. PC nerd

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    Thermal stuff

    There are "thermal pads" and stuff, but they're crap. Thermal paste is the best option.

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