Graphics drivers and problems with agp. Random crashes.

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Nov 15, 2005
  1. For some time now I have been plagued by the drivers crashing
    (no pun intended). I play games fairly regularly and I consistantly crash in-game maybe 15 minutes in to age of empires 3. Other games such as counter-strike and dota i dont crash that often but with certain games it just refuses to work.

    I updated both my chipset and graphics drivers but neither of those would fix my problem. I changed my ati graphics drivers to the omega drivers and that seemed to fix the problem for one game.

    Then i started turning off fast writes and vpu recovery, but the one thing that finally worked, and i havent crashed yet is turning from 8x agp to 4x. Now y in the world would my 8x garphics card have to be set to 4x in order to play games.


    Ati radeon 9600xt graphics card
    A-bit NF-7 series mobo
    PQI Gig of ram and 256 value ram
    450 Demon/Powmax power supply
    amd athlon xp 3000+
    gig Lan with cable modem
    newist drivers for evrything and bio update

    Please tell me y i cant run my computer with all the hardware excellerations that its supposed to run with. and especially 8x agp!!!!

    please help me!!
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Couple of quick questions have I (sorry, another poster said something in yoda speak, and got me hooked again).

    1. Do you have the 4pin molex wire plugged into your 9600XT?
    2. Have you checked if it is an overheating problem? Try running with your case open and a house fan blowing directly on your parts and see if that stops your troubles.
    3. Right click on "my computer" then "manage" then "event viewer" and look for the error messages in there for hints (if any).
    4. What exactly is happening when you crash? Freezing, or complete shut off?

    Unfortunately, problems like this are hard to diagnose and all you can do is troubleshoot one thing at a time. Another possibility is that your power supply is not sending out a consistent flow of love juice. Demon brand power supplies are known to be on the dark side when it comes to making quality PSUs.
  3. Ronin

    Ronin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i hate graphics cards

    To answer question 1 and 2;number 1: there is no 4 pin connector for 9600xt's or else i would have done so. My old nvidia 5200 ultra had one, but this one doesnt.
    number 2: i have put fans galore in my case, opened up the side, and blown a massive floor fan and still the same problem occurs. So 1 and 2 are out.

    Number 3: I will check the event viewer and see whats up.

    Number 4: When i had my card set at 8x agp my computer would crash very frequently. I would get a black screen, accompanyed <(i do not know how to spell this word and i am lazy) by a broken track of what ever it was stuck on
    (a constant sound that is very rapid). It refuses to reboot itself forcing me to manually do it. This will happen within 15 minutes into the game
    (Age of Empires 3) Other games it will take longer, maybe a day, maybe an hour.

    I now have it set at 4x agp and the problem goes away. I want to know y i cant use my card at 8x agp which is what it was meant to run at. thanks for your help in this situation.
  4. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    You say you have "PQI Gig of ram and 256 value ram"

    Is that one stick of 1Gb and one stick of 256Mb? If that's the case, this is potentially the cause of your headaches (running two different sizes of ram). Are they at least the same speeds of ram?

    Try running with just one stick, and see if that fixes you up.

    But the fact that you can run at 4x without problems is making me think that your PSU just may be the cause.... try the ram thing for now though as well as the event viewer, and let's see what happens.

    p.s. you're right about the 4pin connector on the 9600xt of course. :giddy:
  5. Ronin

    Ronin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    gig stick

    No, the PQI Gig of ram is 2x512 MB and the 256 is a stand alone value ram that came with my previous biostar motheboard. And ye they are both pc 3200 ddr 400.
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