Latest AMD Adrenalin Drivers 23.2.1 cause "Microsoft's OneNote for Office 365" drawing pens to lag horribly on my iGPU Vega 8 Graphics


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I'm having horrible user experiences with Microsoft's "OneNote for Office 365" application lately running on Windows 10 22H2. I don't know if it's all the damn Windows updates that have caused this or AMD newest drivers. Because I've put both of these items in.

However, prior to updating to the latest AMD Andrenalin drivers I was already experiencing OneNote freezing glitches on my system. This is the reason I was compelled to update my AMD drivers from the 2018 version. And it just made things, just as bad or worse, depending upon your perspective.

Does anybody else experience either of these 2 issues using Microsoft's OneNote for Office 365 on Windows 10 22H2 and Vega 8 Graphics?