GTA SA won't start at all -- works on other PCs

  1. Ok so first of all let me say I have teamviewer if you can use that to help me. Anyways I download gta san andreas. nothing special. I wanted to play samp. WELL it works on my moms computer but not on mine. like it dosnt work at ALL. no errors. no nothing. it just dosnt start at all. I was told to delete gta_sa.set or w/e but its not there. I was told to update my video cards but when I do, my computer dosnt start. like waht it will do is it will load and where u login? nothing but a black screen. Any help?

    Also its win xp pro
  2. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,185   +208

    What make and model is your pc/laptop?
  3. DevilDevansh

    DevilDevansh TS Member Posts: 48

    Dude, no problem wid ur drivers... Its a downloaded copy or you copied it from ur moms to urs...
    if downloaded its usually cmpressed and is missing some files... else when you copied it from ur mom's comp you din't create a registry. Ah! one more thing we are not allowed to discuss downloaded try not to do it again. :-D

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