GTA San Andreas The Full Story

By jman
Jul 21, 2005
  1. The Story of GTA San Andreas.

    First thing that happened was some nerd decided he wanted to see the code to his GTA game, so he somehow found the code and began to study it. All he was doing was following the options you had in the game and the storyline. Then he came across multiple large sections of code with a "patch" over it so it won't happen in the game. He wondered what it did so he activated it and played the game. To his discovery it unlocked a feature that allowed him to go into the room when the main character was doin it with a girl. It even allowed him to control what the main character (CJ) was doing. So right away he bought the Xbox and pc versions of the game and tried to find the hidden code. He was successful. He then began posting a mod that you can download to UN "patch" the hidden code. He posted it in many chat rooms and discussion boards until people began noticing it on a large scale. He released it so rapidly and so openly that soon the public began assaulting the hacker and rockstar. Rockstar stayed pretty quite, just saying that the code was not there and that the hacker had put it there, while the hacker insisted that he found it there just waiting to be unlocked. So soon ESRB, Electronics Software Rating company became involved because if that material was already in the game then the rating might have to be changed due to that fact that it was full on pornography. They began an investigation. On 7/20/05 at 8:00 am ESRB reached a conclusion. The porno in the game was not readily accessible for people who do not have an Xbox or ps2 capable of storing mod downloads and people who do not have the ability to hook their Xbox or ps2 up to the internet. However for the pc version, this mod was so fully readily able to be downloaded that ESRB officially changed the rating of the game to AO. Adults Only. Rockstar was fully cooperative in changing the rating tag, and urged parents and internet owners to begin giving away a free download that would re patch the porno in the game. So now you can download something that takes the patch away, and something that destroys the entire eye the patch used to cover. Rockstar also said that they will begin rebuilding the game and that it will probably be
    Re-released in their 4th fiscal quarter. Its like school quarters except its for adults. So the new version of the game will probably be released next year. But they stated that the venders that wish to continue selling the game will receive a new rating tagged AO. Many business, such as Wal-Mart publicly stated that they will never sell that game again, no matter the rating. They believe that they were lied to and that rockstar tried to secretly sell porno to the world of children. They also believe that by stating such a statement that the public will come to their stores because that business is a "Family Storeā€. So in many places that game just isn't being sold anymore.

    The Aftermath...............Before the Xbox and pc version of GTA san was released, the game sold over 12 million copies in 7 days. But after an event called leaking, (which means that somehow the code of the entire game got out into the public who then sells it for themselves or for free) the sells of the game will now be measured in thousands not millions. The new rating, and the code openly floating around will slice the game sells to about a third of what it was, and it was only released 3 weeks ago. Some programmers aren't going to get paid. Poor hard working sons of a guns. So now one of the most loved and favored games of all time might never recover from the blow the public gave them.

    Parents continue to lash out at the game, and the makers in petitions and are pressuring bussinesses to permentally take the game of the racks for ever. So now we know the reason the code of a video game isn't sitting on the left side of the game screen for you to look at. The code of a game is what makes the game fun, what makes the game belivable, but in this case, it made the game a video game flop, unable to even get close to its own record high peek in sales. :(

    Please Reply if you feel that any of this information is wrong.
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