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By ThaUnknown
Feb 24, 2007
  1. What guild wars should i get because i looked it up and it gave me like about 6 different games. So which one is the actual guild wars that every one plays?
  2. Eternal_Paladin

    Eternal_Paladin TS Rookie <- downloads section, it has the main game on its website, you're probably thinking of the 'chapters' or expansions, nightfall, and factions
    neither of those are required, nor is the main, you can play any chapter independantly of the others
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  3. use_a_spork

    use_a_spork TS Rookie

    There are 3 campaigns or 'chapters' as Eternal_Paladin put it. Each one is a stand alone game in its own right. They also recently came out with an expansion called Eye of the North (note: you need one of the other 3 to play this). Really it depends on how fast you want to level up. The first one, Prophecies, takes a while to get to level 20 (the level cap). As for the other 2 it can be done really fast. An example: I started a ritualist and in 24 hours i was max level. NightFall is a little slower but still way faster than Prophecies.

    Hope this helps
  4. judicious

    judicious TS Rookie Posts: 37

    i have all four..prophecies...factions..nightfall and Eye of the North...

    if you want to go with story line..prophecies is the first one...with a very huge map

    faction got some cool skills for the isn't too huge...but the characters aren't pretty...story line isn't and area is quite confusing..

    in nightfall you get to customize your heros to play with you..the map is pretty huge and it looks better..more light..n not so dark..

    EoTN very fun and quick to finish
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