half life 2 game of the year edition wont operate on steam

By dawg450
Feb 19, 2006
  1. I had half life 2 game of the year edition for a few mnths now and through the span I went through 2 computers and it worked well but recently I gotten a high end pentium 4 dell processor with a 120 gig harddrive,512 megs of ram,direct X9.0c, ATI radeon 9550 graphics card and has a windows xp professional operating system.

    when I first gotten the computer the game operated well for over an hour but afterwards it crashed and thats when I gotten the 120 gig harddrive installed in the computer but afterwards it wouldnt boot up after a successful installment and update for each game(counter strike source,half life source,half life 2 deathmatch and half life 2) and afterwards nothing happened. Its been weeks on end of un and reinstalling and no luck also I went to the steam support page and no luck whatsoever at all and I even went into the hardrive and deleted the files for steam and half life 2 and reinstalled it but no luck at all and its getting me mad about it.

    Just recently I gotten this error message saying debug assertion failed and that I need to debug the application and that a JIT debugging must be enabled? I dont know but its confusing me alot with all of this.
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    Maybe this FAQ at the Steam site will help: Click here.
  3. dawg450

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    I tried those steps before and it gotten me nowhere and the game still does not come on after saying that prepare to luanch icon for a few seconds. I dont know whats wrong I mean other ppl arent having this problem so I dont know I mean I have a very up to date computer with every single driver updated fully and I have the right windows operating system so i dont know whats the matter.
  4. dawg450

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    UPDATE: I recently tried half life 2 game of the year edition on my dads computer and it worked well and figured that theres something inside my compouter that wont make it work and I dont know wehat it is. I dont know why it wont work because before it crashed and gotten a new harddrive it worked very well and then when I put the new harddrive in it wont work. I asked my father if he by any chance put anything new inside the computer besides the harddrive he said no so I dont know why it wont work and that makes me mad.
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