HalfLife 2 Problems

By pd_jennings
Aug 19, 2007
  1. HI Folks

    dont know if you can help but im having problems with my new laptop (vista) and Halflife2

    Basically I cannot see any characters apart from their see through white polygon faces and some of the objects are missing? Really annoying!

    My hardware is
    2.2 GHZ Santa Rosa
    2gb Ram
    ATI 8600M GT

    I have pulled the new ati graphics driver from the asus web site but still it has no joy. Whats really weired too is i bought it as a bundle with halflife 2 episode 1 and that works fine... Please help im bought this laptop to play halflife 2 and i just now want to throw it out of the window!

    PS I have tried a reinstall of the game too and no joy!

    THanks P
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