Halo Infinite minimum and recommended PC requirements revealed


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You think I didn't I get the joke? Lmao talk about WOOOSH

Gotta go with something believable. The joke was cute but it wasn't embarrassing you know. It was just silly and totally unbelievable. Gotta make em feel 2nd place sir.
Now wait, I never said I haven't done my own share of WOOSH!

But ok seriously, if I just missed your point then my apologies.


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Well kidz this thread has put me into a state of complete mental anguish and indecision. I honestly don't know whether to give you all a, "like", or put you all on my "ignore list"

For now, I'm just going to mull it over while.I languish in some 1080p porn. My 1050 ti 4 GB can manage that easily. It seriously doubt it will even trigger the fans to fire up.

But, boy oh boy, if I had two 3090s, I be right there witcha...:rolleyes:
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