Halo PC multiplayer issue

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Nov 19, 2006
  1. bobthefat

    bobthefat TS Rookie

    hey, i've got a similar problem with halo online. wheneva i make a game. other ppl can't join. it comes up with 'unable to join server' can any1 help with this. thx email me at drutherfordorbob@hotmail.co.uk
  2. bobthefat

    bobthefat TS Rookie

    p.s. i can join other ppl games fine with no problems
  3. JesseM

    JesseM TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 220

    As much as it sucks, I suggest you get used to playing on other people's games. Sounds like you are having the exact same problem I was having over 6 months ago. That was also about the same time I stopped playing Halo...
  4. maze101

    maze101 TS Rookie

    hey all im maze
    are u still having this problem

    well i had this proble untill yesterday i was chating with my internet company and told them y cant i host games, ohh i have DSL and use a router and my internet company is EMBARQwell they told me to change my internet in to bridge mod (u shoulb in routing mode) ill suggest you chat with ur internet company or call them and tell them how to change it into bridge mod.

    i was having your proble too i was opening ports and a hole bunch of stuff and all i neede to do is change it to bridge mod, and i berly did this yesterday and i can host games now.

    ohh the modem is the the box with the lights
  5. JesseM

    JesseM TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 220

    Thanks a bunch, maze. Sounds like you had the same problem as me. I'd try your solution, but I no longer even own a copy of Halo PC. Wish I'd have know this a year ago!
  6. Sideris

    Sideris TS Rookie

    Ok good news everyone, I finally finished that book I was talking about 18 months ago. The problem was that even though I was forwarding all the ports, I was not using a static IP address. As soon as I forwarded all the ports for my computer and used a static IP address, the problem was solved! Unfortunately it was short lived; I'm in university now and I don't have time to play games anymore :-(

    For more information:



    Happy hosting.
  7. jonnymoon

    jonnymoon TS Rookie

    well good luck with your computer
  8. 420MouseMan

    420MouseMan TS Rookie

    hosting probs

    alright so check this out,
    ive been haveing the same prob. ive tried everything from closing my firewall down to making a dedicated server. nothing worked. i think i might have figured out wuts wrong. so i read when u have a wireless router, the router sends an IP made up by itself and for some reason or another people cant join it. the IP is something like 192.XXX.XXX any IP starting with 192 is made by a wireless router. now i found my real IP and its somthing like 72.XXX.XXX.XX. when u make a game on halo, it shows u wut the server IP is gonna be, right. mine shows the 192.XXX.XXX IP.
    now my question is how do i change the 192.XXX.XXX IP to the 72.XXX.XXX.XX IP.
    if ne one can help it would be much appreciated
  9. Shmigelo

    Shmigelo TS Rookie

    U don't the 192.xxx.xxx IP is your Internal/LAN IP and the 72.xxx.xxx.xx IP is your external/WAN/Internet IP
    you can't change from one to another so don't bother.
  10. paulanthony

    paulanthony TS Rookie

    think this must be a common problem. For me I can create a game on internet and I can see and join it from another pc on my lan, one other thing I would like to mention is that I used to get people joining my internet game before, but that was before the latest halo update and I was living in another country with a much larger population.

    I am currently thinking about buying hosting for a server, i'm going to post a question here to find out if anyone knows anything useful about it.

  11. jazz670

    jazz670 TS Rookie

    i have a problem joing multiplayer

    my problem is that multiplayer in halo isnt working for me because when ever i go to click on a server and i hit join game it doesnt do anything and when i installed it the allow connection window didnt pop up so what do i do?
  12. angelic00

    angelic00 TS Rookie Posts: 35

    Port Forwarding

    Check your router to make sure the correct ports are forwarded so he can even see the game you are running from your network.

    If you need to know what ports you need, just google it.

    Good luck.
  13. angelic00

    angelic00 TS Rookie Posts: 35

    72.xxx.xxx.xx -- 72.xxx = Verizon.

    Each ISP has a different numbers in the first 2 sections.
  14. jazz670

    jazz670 TS Rookie

    still having the problem

    im still having the problem i check the ports shows it was being detected then i tryed reinstalling it and the "allow connection/denie connection" window didnt pop up
  15. Ghilli

    Ghilli TS Rookie

    I was having the similar problem and i found a fix (though this is probably several years late.
    I got my dedicated server to where i could see it on the list of multiplayer servers (by forwarding ports 2302 and 2303) but i couldn't join my server. To Solve this I went into options>>network options and changed Server Port (2302) to 2304 and Client Port (2303) to 2305. And it works, my freinds and even other people can join.

    Hope this helps
    - Ghilli
  16. paulanthony

    paulanthony TS Rookie

    HALO dedicated server and combat evolved Multi player issue

    I was perplexed by this issue for over 2 years and i stumbled across the solution by luck one day when i threw caution to the wind and tried something radical.

    You see I knew it had to be a hardware config issue cos I had played this game many times before when I lived in UK GB,

    So anyway I started playing around with the modem settings that was a new out of the box Thomson TG858v7 that telecom new zealand sent me, after trying all the port forwarding Bullshit that did nothing I decided to tell the modem I had a fixed or static IP address, this involved some scary sounding messages about dropping this and that and re-boooting modem, which I did and hey presto I lied to my modem and I can now host and see my games and people can even join.

    Now I have noticed a down side, or should I say a knock on effect in that my home network can no longer "see" the computer that is the game server, in other words I cant log onto my desk top from my laptop that is on the same network and vise-versa, and point of interest the address is not really "static" as such cos it changes every time i re-boot the system, but the modem thinks it is and so does the game, and one other thing which I guess you have all figured out by now is that you must have different ports for the client and the server 2302 2303 and 2304 2305 respectively.

    Well it worked for me, anyone need me to spell it out step by step then drop me a line here, but it's pretty easy really, what ever you do dont pay for freak all if the phone company tells you they want to charge you money for a static IP. Tell them to go get "sex and travel"

  17. Ghilli

    Ghilli TS Rookie

    I didn't have to use a static IP, I just set up my dedicated server as normal and in Halo i went into Network Configuration and changed the Server Port to 2304 and the Client Port to 2305.

    However I have encountered 1 problem: People cannot see/join my server unless I am playing on my server - so really, except for being more dynamic, it is much like a listen server. If i figure out how to fix this I'll let you know.

    Things I'm going to try:
    - Changing the server port in Halo Net Config to 2302 but leave the client port as 2305
    - Try a similar tactic but instead of changing the server port change the client port
    - Changing the ports for the halo server itself
    - Mess around with port forwarding

    Just a note to all you people who think that buying a new computer will work: Chances are that it wont, UNLESS you have your server computer using your home network and your client computer a different network (in other words your server PC should be connected to a network you can configure port forwarding on and your client PC should be connected to a different network/router/modem - hopefully you catch my drift).
    What I use to do was run the server on my server PC and then on my client PC connect to a neighbor's wireless internet.
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