Halo: Reach is reportedly coming to PC on December 3


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Since Halo's Master Chief Collection (MCC) was first announced for PC, fans have been quite excited, to say the least. The Collection is bringing several Halo titles to the platform for the first time ever, including the likes of Halo: 3, Halo: 4, Halo: ODST, and Halo: Reach.

The MCC's PC port has been in the works for many months now, with Halo developer 343 industries at the helm. Instead of delaying the MCC's launch to release the games all together, 343 has adopted a staggered launch model. This lets the team thoroughly beta test each title before it releases, to ensure they live up to the high standards PC players tend to have with ports (see the Red Dead Redemption 2 performance debacle).

The games will be released in chronological order, and they will be sold individually until they're all finished (at which point they will be bundled in the full Collection).

It seems 343 has finally finished testing its first MCC title, Halo: Reach (the prequel to the first Halo). After running numerous invite-only "test flights" for the game (and polishing it up based on user feedback), Reach's Microsoft Store page got an updated release date of December 3, 2019, as spotted by True Achievements. The page appears to have been taken down now, but Microsoft's Xbox-oriented "X019" event kicks off in London today, so we'll probably see official confirmation there.

Notably, Reach's PC port will come with several improvements over its console counterpart, including higher framerates and full mouse-and-keyboard support.

We've known Reach's PC port was set to launch this year for some time, but as the end of 2019 drew closer, things started to look a little shaky. As such, it's reassuring to finally have a relatively-firm launch date (assuming the store page update wasn't a mistake), even if it is a bit later than many Halo fans were hoping.

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First halo was good game, second was rubbish, hope this is like the first one.. and hope not high requirments like rdr2..


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First halo was good game, second was rubbish, hope this is like the first one.. and hope not high requirments like rdr2..
Reach is basically just a port, it's not a remaster. Therefore it's got the lowest hardware requirements of any major game you'll see this year.

It was designed to run on Xbox 360 hardware which is now 14 years old. The recommended specs for 4K and 60FPS with this PC version are an i5 3450, 8GB of RAM and a GTX770!

It'll run on a potato at lower resolutions.