Hands-on at Computex with Asus' ROG 4K gaming laptop


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At Computex 2014 Asus launched an extended range of consumer products, including the impressive Transformer Book T300 Chi, which I looked at earlier this week. For the gamers out there though, Asus launched a few new gaming products at Computex...

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1080p is great on a 5.5" display.
That's absurd as well. 1080P is not even needed on a 20", I know I'm looking at one now, with only 1600x900 resolution. 4K is not needed for portables, unless you consider a 40"+ TV a portable.
720p is all you need for a 4-5" phone, I used an LG G2 (badass phone btw) the other day and the 1080p was WAY overkill. There was no difference other then PPI crunching. Sure looked good on paper though.