Hard disk drive not detecting

By techsavvy_prat ยท 9 replies
Jan 16, 2005
  1. hey guys cud ya help me out ...m stuck....m not abl ta detect one of ma harddisk drive..i dun kno whr da hell has it gone..may b sm kindda virus has smitten it..do temme sm way out of it...
  2. ManyVoicesOfMe

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    Could you please type correct spelling. I hate having to decypher messages.
    "stp tyeping liek y0u cNt sple werdz"

    Write a more detailed description of the problem that I can read and I'll see if I can help you out.
  3. Mazdaman

    Mazdaman TS Rookie

    Try this

    Try a bios upgrade! New hardware may be detected after the latest version. You did the jumper on the right pins, didn't ya? 8)
  4. lordx

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    Does the hdd works before?
    If so try to reset your CMOS
    .....and yeah try to spell a little bit better!
  5. techsavvy_prat

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    harddisk drive not detecting

    ok guys ill definately keep check on my words from now on....
    actually what happened was, i had some kindda problem in my computer...so i thought of callin up an engineer to have him work on it....wat he did was vanish one ofmy drive(total harddisk capacity 40GB)....n told me dat dis wud increase my computer performance...now m left with only 20Gb....n its on the verge of completion....m not able to get my lost 20GB...i dun even know wats da problem...is itharddiskk failure...some virus bla bla...now i hope u got it all
  6. Tribal-Phoenix

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    What hardware u got , by which i mean processor , memory, and why did the computer guy told u it will increase performance, k anyways , he probably created a smaller partition
  7. Pat_Casper

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    Engineers partition

    Hello mate, dont know if you have got it fixed yet but I am new to this. To me it sounds like the Engineer has created a Partition (which does increase performance) but has failed to format the second half of the partition. It probably just needs formatting to NTFS or Fat 32- depending which OS you are running. There is programmes you can d/l to do this for you
  8. Tribal-Phoenix

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    Well all i can say is backup your hard, go to administrative tools - storage, and create a new partition and format it as fat, adn next time jsut do it yourself , me personal;ly hatethose pc geeks , they do stuff as they want it to be , u jsut need soem time to gert used to fixing pc's ;)
  9. Gansh

    Gansh TS Rookie


    I am Ganesh. I have 20 GB hard diskkete make Sea gate. When i am using it as HDD-0 to boot, my computer is displaying "No bootable drive found, insert appropriate disk and press enter"

    Then i have used it as slave hard disk, my primary hard disk has windows 2000 NT as OS. Then it is booting . i could not found my 20 GB hard disk in my Computer folder. It is not at all detecting my hard disk.

    Could u please send ur suggetions to recover the hard disk either by software or hard ware.

    My mail id pilllitla.ganesh@gmail.com

  10. Otmakus

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    Hi Ganesh, can u see ur HD in BIOS when u boot ur comp? If u can't, then maybe u didn't set the jumper to slave or cable select, or u didn't set ur HD in BIOS, or maybe there is something wrong with ur HD or ur HD cable.

    If u can see ur HD in BIOS, then maybe it hasn't been formatted yet, go to control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> then in disk management, u should see ur HD, format it in NTFS or FAT32 then ur windows should be able to detect it.

    Good luck
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