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By Brighter Hell
May 3, 2004
  1. Right now I have 3 partitions on my hard drive, c and d are for my operating systems and e is for files and programs. Until recently I had Windows 98 on C (boot) and Win2k on D. Since I never use Windows 98, and I really have no need for 2 OS's, I decided to get rid of 98. I did a clean install of Win2k on the C drive and I'm now in the process of installing all the programs. I'm probably going to wipe the D drive, delete the partition, and move that space into the E drive. I have 3 questions:

    1. The internet didn't work when running Windows on the C drive since it was a clean install. I used the Internet Connection Wizard to connect to my cable connection and get online. But the internet now seems kind of slow, like it's taking an indirect route to the connection or something. Is there a better way to get access to my modem?

    2. If I get rid of the D drive and move that space into the E partition, I'll want to rename the E drive to D, just for consistency's sake. Will changing the drive letter in Disk Management cause any problems running programs, starting up, etc? How about changing the drive letter of the CD drive?

    3. Windows 98 is no longer on my system. But when I start up the computer and choose what OS to use, the Win 98 option is still there. It's still in Startup and Recovery too. Why does this happen and how can I get rid of it? Will the same thing happen if I wipe the D drive (with the installation of Win2k that's on it)?

    Thanks for your tips and if anyone has anything else to add I'm all ears.
  2. Nodsu

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    1. Just look at your ionternet configuration on the D: drive Windows and copy all settings to your new install.

    2. There will be problems if you have installed programs to e:. There are tools that are supposed to let you change drive letters in ithe configurations of installed programs but you may still experience some errors.

    3. Are you sure you did a clean install (with format) to c:? Your Win98 may still be around. You can easily delete the Windows 98 entries from the boot.ini file to make the startup menu look prettier.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    In Windows Explorer click on C:\BOOT.INI and untick the Readonly marker. Edit with Notepad, remove the line with the Win98 in it. If you set "timeout=0" the bootmenue won't show anymore and go straight into your default OS. Save boot.ini and put the Readonly back in.

    If you rename the E-drive to D, your W2K on C will not find those programs anymore, and/or some of those progs don't work properly anymore because their internal settings are for E.

    My advice: leave the D-drive with the second W2K, you can try out new programs in it, before you install them in your main C-drive.
    I run W2K/SP4 on partitions C and F. C is for everyday use with Antivirus and Firewall etc. and F is for programming and burning CDs, without AV or Firewall slowing anything down.

    As to your slow internet connection: check your TCP/IP settings.
    Do you have a fixed IP?
  4. cbrash

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    I read on the internet that win95 & 98 like to take over any system.The best clean install would be to run fdisk delete primary partition c and then create another primary partition.But you should not exit fdisk until you have recreated c:\ drive again otherwise your other drives will move in place of c drive.
    This way you will be sure that any files belonging to win98 are definately gone.
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