Hard Drive Transfer

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Greetings all,

I have 2 hard drives in my machine. First, I have a WD Raptor 37gig for my Windows install. Second, I have a Maxtor 200gig for storage. Both are SATA. My question:

Any idea why it would take me roughly a half an hour or more to transfer a dvd from the Raptor to the Maxtor or vise verse? That doesn't seem right to me. It took that long even before SP 2. I can transfer that much data over my network in a fraction of the time.


Soyo Dragon 2 MoBo
AMD 3200+
1 gig Corsair RAM
WD Raptor 37gig SATA
Maxtor 200gig SATA
GeForce FX 5900
SB Live 5.1
XP Pro SP 2


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Maybe one of your drives is badly fragmented? Or maybe you don't have the right drivers installed? Or maybe DMA is off?
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