Hardware Problem with new I/O Magic DVD writer

By Howard_Marvin
Aug 8, 2005
  1. Problem with new I/O Magic DVD writer. When I write DVD movies to DVD+R disks, they will not play in a standard DVD player. When I use the same machine to record the same movie to a DVD+/RW disk, they play fine. I can see no difference in the resulting file layout of either disk. This problem exists with all writing speeds. The same computer is also running an HP DVD writer with no problems whatsoever. I have tried three different DVD writing software programs. The problem appears to be hardware related on the newly installed I/O Magic DVD recorder. I have also tried reversing the master/slave position of both units and the results are always the same. I have also installed the most recent firmware upgrade. I'm running out of ideas. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
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