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By Tecnot
Feb 22, 2011
  1. At 11:58pm yesterday evening, my internet connection appears to have gone out. I have been unable to connect to many sites (I'd say 80% time out, tried like 20 random .net/.com/.org sites in order to help myself get an idea of what's going on), yet others work fine (google for example, and Techspot). Attempting to troubleshoot this for myself I shut off the machine for 5+ minutes and unplugged everything (to reset the NIC as far as I know). Plugged everything back in, and the same deal is recurring.

    I can only assume this is because:
    A) My ISP is performing maintenance (no one is at the public utility building as it never has had any problems after the winter)
    B) The connections to the backbone are performing maintenance or blocking ALL packets (have previously gone through a lengthy process to get the ISP -> enterprise -> ugh -> backbone to get the ugh guy to let through packets since no users actually pays them so they packet shape).
    C) There is no C.
    D) I am infected with malware (malwarebytes and DDS are sites unable to be connected to, so I'm unable to run the scans. GMER works but it hasn't been updated lately, which is one of the symptoms 'causing the problem. As per my last thread on these forums that showed no PC health issues, I assume the identity theft is also a symptom of some middle man).

    I'm requesting Bobbye because he is highly intelligent, highly experienced, but I'd love any help I can get to remedy this. I basically have no where else to go, as these problems appear to be localized (as others can connect to any server they want) however for some reason I'm denied access. Even removing the router from play I'm met with the same symptoms, perhaps someone on my WAN fiber network has exceeded our alotted bandwidth 'causing all sites which use > x% of bandwidth to be constantly denied until the next pay period from those contracted with AT&T? (Again these mysterious netblocks which exist only to make money by transferring or allowing data to pass may now be denying any access, or I don't understand my computer).

    Techspot works and functions correctly (even through the slow loading of simple web pages instead of time outs) because it has an addressable address due to being on top of the technology forefront without DNS or NIC issues. Help me please solve this malware! I can only see at the moment the white text screen, with the bold categories and blue sublinks due to the bandwidth problems.
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    Hello again! Give me time to go over the last thread so I can put all the symptoms together. We discussed reformat/reinstall at that time> did you do that?

    In the meantime, if you have access to another computer somewhere other that using your current ISP, you can download Malwarebytes and DDS to a flash drive, then install and run the scans on the problem computer. That would give me some logs to work from. You could even download Combofix- but please don't run it until I ask you to. Let me know if you need the directions and links again for any of these programs.

    This can indicate a problem with the ISP as you mentioned. But your mention of 'many sites' to me means that you can connect to some, but not others. I'm going to see if there is a McAfee Proxy on your system. Even if you're not using McAfee now, if the proxy is set, it can cause symptoms close to what you describe.
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    Both of these times, what security you have has come out clean. The issues you mention regarding bandwidth and pay period would appear to link this to issues between your ISP and your account. You also refer to netblocks and AT&T.

    I will review the logs if you're able to run any of the scans, but I don't think malware is causing these problems.
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