HD Controller Card Recommendation

By tmy023
Feb 12, 2005
  1. Greetings,

    Bought a maxtor 160MB drive, my system will only recognize 127mb, so I need a new controller card. Unfortunately while going back and forth overwhether I should invest an additional $30 (controller card) to get another 23Mb on the 160 mb maxtor, (and thus not copying anything from C: to D:, (C:) drive (40mb seagate) suffered a BSOD and am now struggling with recovering data, having XP problems, can't establish paging file, lots of problems that I am slowing trying to recover from, etc, etc

    Thinking I need to have a better backup strategy (than occasionally burning a couple cd's of quicken data) AND if I have to rebuild system OS anyway, at the same time I should install the new controller,maybe even RAID another 160 GB drive? Or at least install a DVD burner so I can backup to DVD. so I have a number of questions.

    (1) controller recommendation. I have a dell dimension 4400 with 512mb ram, P4-2mhz with 400 FSB. Currently C and D drives and CDRW and DVD player on original controller card. It seems I should either get another matching maxtor 160 and raid or install DVD burner for larger capacity selective backups. Can someone recommend an inexpensive card that can handle these options, i.e. raid two large HD's and DVD/CD player and CD/DVD burner. Can I use any ata-133 ATAPI card?

    (2) or...should I just keep the oriiginal controller card in and use that for the dvd player and dvd/CD burner? IS there any advantage to one or two controllers?

    (3) Can I copy what's left of my C: drive over to my 128MB D: drive, then reformat C: and reinstall XP, or will I lose recognition of my D: drive or contents when I wipe and reinstall C: and XP? Also will I have to reformat the D: drive to recognize up to 160mb, or it is strictly a controller issue. I guess the real question is can I keep any of the data on D: to do this, or should I get it all off the computer to rebuild this?

    If I have to reformat, then I guess I should buy the DVD burner, install it now into my quirky XP installation at least long enough to backup what's left of C: and then wipe both clean, install the new controller, reformat both, install XP etc and reload data from DVD? Assuming this course of action, what is the right order of steps? I'm assuming, get backed up, find all my software disks, install the hardware then reformat the drives and install XP and then reinstall apps and data. If I went with dual 160's/raid, at what point do I install that, with the op system reinstall??

  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    You might want to back up a little because I am not sure your "controller card " is bad.
    First Windows does not recognize HDD larger than 137 Gig. you should read this article.,http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;303013
    I am not sure of exactly how you tried to Partition and format that drive ,but you might want to read this article first .
    QB 313348 at microsoft.com
    Are you sure your HDD's are connected to a separate PCI card on your Mb or are they connected to the Motherboard directly ?
    Also you cannot RAID optical drives . You might want to check some of this info out before you proceed.
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