Hellp On Invalid Disk Error

By Autobot
Feb 9, 2007
  1. I had windows xp on this then 74 gig 10k rpm 16mb raptor bought like month ago so still new. then i got new stuff my computer Asus striker, qx6700, 8800gtx installed everything and loaded it up got blue screen because i guess i forgot to reformat hehe. so i reformated to windows vista then gave me boot error. but still works if i leave the windows cd in. i tried reformating few more times no work tried to do a repair with windows xp cd no work. Then i tried reinstall vista again and gave me different error like invalid system disk please insert system disk and press enter, but it will load windows vista fine if i leave cd in but then says i have to chose which windows i want to load vista or earliar im like what, i tried earliar doesnt load black screen vista is fine. Note: i havethe raptor and a 250 gig hard drive ide as storage. I wanna load my computer without having to leave cd in and without having chose which windows i havee done a format on the raptor and deleting partition still nothing please help
  2. wcr3d

    wcr3d TS Rookie

    Only have the desired OS drive connected and boot from the cd. The choose custom install and it should walk you through the rest of the setup.
  3. Autobot

    Autobot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so how can i load windows without having the cd in cause if i take out cd gives me an error on my 23rd reformat
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