Help about iertutil.dll

By Omide
Aug 15, 2008
  1. Dear all,

    I having this **** problem when i click this Vista transformation pack uninstall...when i want to open IE7 it will automatically close and when i want to login in yahoo i will get this error ""The Ordinal 58 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll

    I download new iertutil.dll from dll sites and i want to copy in system32 folder i will access denied eror or Used another person or program

    Btw i cannot Chat with yahoo also :( and i cannot Bring up my Bitdefender Security centre up :(

    Help Plz !!!!!!!!!!!

    Need help :)

  2. lovepirat

    lovepirat TS Rookie

    ...check it out...for simple iertutil.dll problem

    i hade almost the same problem and i hope it will help u in a way...
    ...after a copple of updates internet explore became unaccessible...with the error iertutil.dll not found....i tryed many types of dlls recovery progs and nothin work so thats what i did:
    ..i uninstalled internet explorer frome smarty...then frome add remove windows componments i simply unchecked the internet explorer frome the the system will reconfigur itself somehow!.after that downloaded the dll frome .....i tryied 2 register it it didnt work so i copied it to system32, after this i installed internet explorer 7.0 .agnoring any popups!....then i rebooted the system....
    and evry thing back to normal....
    gd luck
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