Help....Can't install Epson Printer on Windows 98

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Oct 19, 2004
  1. Hi guys;

    I have old Computer, which has Windows 98. I tried to hook up a old Epson is EPSON STYLUS COLOR 740, but was unsuccessfull. I don't have the CD for EPSON printer as I bought the old one. Whenever I try to install the printer manually, my computer asks me for "WINDOWS 98 CD-ROM", which I don't have as I bought an old computer. First of all, Where can I get "WINDOWS 98 CD-ROM" if it is possible to get? Secondly, where can I get "Epson Stylus Color 740" CD-Rom? And Finally, Is there any other way to install my printer on my old computer without both CDs?

    thank you guys.
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    Please do not double post. If the system asks for the Windows 98 CD, maybe it is looking for components that it hasn't installed yet.

    When you say that you try to install the printer manualy, do you mean that you try to look in the list of Printers that Windows 98 recognises by default, or do you install it with drivers that you've downloaded off a website ?

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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    Sorry for double posting because I actualy didn't know in which category to post it.......

    Yes. I tried to look in the list, but that didn't work as the computer started asking for Windows 98 CD-Rom........I also heard that some computer have "Windows 98" necessary files saved on Hard drive, but I don't know how to find them............
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    It is common for installations of Windows to have copies of the necessary CAB files from the CD copied to your hard drive.

    You can find it in C:\Windows\Options\Cabs

    Also, Windows can be a little stupid sometimes and needs a little direction. If you get the option to browse for the files, check out the following places:


    More often then not, these files are on the system somewhere. :) You can always borrow someone else's 98 disc to complete the printer intsall.
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