Help! Getting DVD writing failed in Nero!

By yorkman
Jun 1, 2005
  1. I need some help here, I am currently using Nero 6 and have been burning dvd-r 4X for the last 2 months. The problem is that starting today after burning about 2.5% of the way the dvd writing failed (or something like that) message comes out. I have downloaded the latest firmware and have tried different medias without any success. I am using the Plextor 716A and have selected the 4x speed for the burn. I almost finished the whole rim (100) dvd-r before this problem happened. Tried using 8X dvds and still the same. Tried using a TDK DVD-RW disk but my drive won't recognize it. Will defraging help? Is my drive the culprit? Please help! Thanks in advance!
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