HELP!!! I am having a soundcard problem....

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Jul 15, 2005
  1. I was setting up DSL in my computer and somehow some of my system files in Windows became corrupted. A friend told me to just reinstall the operating system and it should fix the problem. Well, I was running Windows98 and did not have the CD that came with the computer. I ddid however happen to have a Windows 2000 CD laying around so I installed that. I managed to get that setup and I got the DSL and all my peripherals installed. It was at this time that I realized that the sound on my computer does not work. I have an onboard soundcard and I went out and bought a SB soundcard, just a cheapie so my wife can play her CDs on the computer while working. I installed it and still nothing. I checked the speakers to maker sure they were plugged in a turned on. Still nothing. I searched on the net and found out how to turn off my onboard soundcard in my BIOS. Still nothing. I am at my wits end and I have no idea how to proceed. Can someone shed some light on what I might need to do?
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    heres a checklist:

    -disable onboard sounds before installing new card
    -Use latest drivers for windows 2k/xp
    -Check volume settings, make sure you plug the wires into the card correctly
    -try different speakers
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    Welcome to TechSpot

    WE need all the specs of this system in order to help
    out better.
    Will you help identify all your specs if you don't know them.
    Post back;)
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    you need to have the drivers for your soundcard.
    make sure volume is turned on
    make sure the speakers are not digital, or you have them plugged into a digital output on the back of the soundcard. Some speaker systems are digital - like Gateway.
    Go to the soundblaster website and download and install the drivers for windows 2000.
  5. Sharkfood

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    Try the following:
    1) Try a different slot for the new soundcard. Don't use the slot right next to the AGP/video slot as this slot is often "shared" resources with the AGP slot. Move the soundcard down a slot if this is the case.
    2) Ensure you have the correct chipset drivers installed for your mainboard. Either hit the mainboard manufacturers website or see if you can identify which make/model it is and we can direct you from there.
    3) Ensure you have the latest Service Pack for Win2K, which is Service Pack 4. You can download this at:
    I'd also recommend roll-up 1 for SP4 (for security fixes) afterwards at:

    4) Then, hit creative's website and try their auto-updater:

    5) If all the above fail, and it's a much older computer and an ISA or older PCI version of the Sound Blaster, you may need to set "PnP OS" to "No" in order for the card to show-up in hardware devices for Win2K.

    Good luck!
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