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Aug 19, 2007
  1. My computer will not start, I tried everything getting it in "safe mode" it go to the bleu screen and it stock there and most of all it doesn't even read the CD boot, I have an AMD 4200 dual core with XP Home edition, the last 2 weeks it quit on me all the time, the last time was when I downloaded the Spyware Doctor while doing the scanning it shuts out and come back by itself, also in my C;Drice I found a program stand like this NTuser DATFile 4,008KB when I try to delete it a window comes up and say " it is being use by another person" and doesn't allowed me to delete...the last 2 weeks also a page from yahoo had tried to take my own page...what is my option? Am I been hijacked and what can I do? In advance THANKS
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    You seem to have a lot of nasties and if the PC won't boot, you're gonna have to format and re-install.
  3. almcneil

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    I would try a repair installation first. It's always best to try to save the installation. A reformat & reinstall means you lose everything and start from scratch. It's a hassle too. If the repair installation doesn't improve anything, then R&R. If it improves enough that it's at least stable, install and run the following 3 anti-spyware utilities:

    All are free.
  4. rapzkilla

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    yeah i will go with what "almcneil " said because you dont want to loose your files at all. If it doesnt boot from cd, you can go into your bios setup and make sure the system attempts to boot from cd first before anything else. oh you can also run chskdsk /r from win xp cd as well, from recovery console..


    select R for recovery console, and run chskdsk /r OR

    hit enter to set up windows xp and xp will give you the option of either reformating or repairing the installation.

    IF YOU HAVE AN HP, JUST HIT f-10 on system start up
  5. toasale

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    My suggestions

    I've broken them so much I feel quite knowledgeable about this:

    1. Boot to Safe Mode
    2. Backup all your desired info, even your email data and browser favorites
    3. Perform a complete format, not a quick

    When you're up with all the computer hardware driver updates and Windows updates and after you've installed a nice anti-virus program scan the backed up data and then install that data.

    HTH - (Hope This Helps) :D
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