Help! just lost a drive!

By veterandoggy
Oct 5, 2005
  1. i had just finished my installation of firefox 1.0.7, and my computer wouldnt let me open up firefox, coz apparently my antivirus was blocking it from making the necessary registry changes. so i decided to use internet explorer for a few seconds.......

    alas, i got bombarded with a somewhat uncensored popup, which was trying to send a virus to my pc, which my antivirus (thank god!) blocked. after a few minutes i finally managed to close the popup and turn off my computer, but the next day i had lost my second hard drive! well, not actually. it was still there, but i cant access it because it is not formatted :( . i dont want to format it because it has some very important game files :). it is also a fat32, and im on xp pro, so i am kinda lost!
  2. PanicX

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    What antivirus are you using? Besure you do a thorough check of your system to remove any possible infection. You may want to check out Trend Micro's Housecall for a free external system virus scan.

    As for you drive, you'll probably need to use a recovery utility to get your data back. Check out Partition Table Doctor for a demo that will let you know if buying their product will save your data.
  3. veterandoggy

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    well, i have bitdefender 8 pro plus, and it said that it blocked it before it infected me, which is why i am confused as to why my computer says that my second drive is not formatted. i'm downloading PTD so hopefully it is the cure to my ailments. ive gone too far in my games to lose it all now! :dead:

    ive also got another question: my system restore isnt what i expect it to be: i cant go to my system restore points which i made last month. so on OCT 1 i cant go back to any September restore points. is that normal? ive tried everything to no avail.
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