HELP! last resort. INTERNET or PC??

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Jan 3, 2006
  1. Hi everyone this is a little complicated but you guys are my last resort, so here goes anything...

    I'm running Windows XP, Cable Internet high speed 5.1 Mbps connection, internet explorer browser.

    Now my problem is the following, My internet connection is slow, it lags alot, sometimes over 1 mintue to load So I did the following; I called my ISP and they ran some tests and made me do some tests and the connection is fine. I ran an anti-virus and spyware check and it "cleaned " everything. (I had 3 trojans and some maleware). I checked all my running programs and cant find anything that shouldn't be running. I have two theories; I have some programs working in the background using my connection (how do I check for those?) or someone is tapping into my internet connection (but im not using a router). Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do? or what is causing this?

    greatly appreciated,
    Giulio :blackeye:
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  3. giulio

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    I used twister anti-virus trojan and malware, it just seeme as if there something slowing it down or when it tries to connect to any site it will take forever to do so. eg. when I go to I will actually see it connecting to their Internet adress and then finally receive the information to load. It's crazy like when I had dial-up 5 years-ago
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    It sounds like you've probably got a virus or adware, but you should try resetting your DSL modem first. Try the forums at They should be able to help you with any virus/adware problem you have. You could also ask for help in the security forums here.

    In any case, anyone with a high-speed connection should have a NAT (Network Address Translation) router (just read the box and it'll mention NAT). It'll work like a firewall and is better than any software firewall that you could get. It won't eliminate threats of spyware and viruses, but it'll definately cut down on them.
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    Try firefox(above)see if that makes any difference, then download,UPDATE and run ms antispyware(above) in safe mode(above).Different programs find different things.-This post was pre-empted.
  6. giulio

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    Thanks for your help guys
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