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By yajnaji
Feb 14, 2016
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  1. Can anyone help me please?!
    I need help getting a new graphic card.
    Essentially I need something that supports dx11 and all the latest games. I don't need to play them at ultra settings, I just want to play them.
    I still have a HD-4870 and AMD doesn't support it anymore.
    Problem is... my system is very old and I can't afford to buy a whole new pc. Now, with the following specs:
    Intel Core2 Duo E8500
    8gb RAM
    P5Q-E motherboard
    550w 6pins power supplier
    what can I get? (If it is indeed possible at all to get anything)
    Thank you so much.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    A lot of choices - power budget might limit - I think your current card is about 160 watts. My guess is that your motherboard is not fully up to current things but you can get a much better card which will work 'ok'. DX11 is definitely available, but 'current games' may not be - some are terribly demanding.

    If I were doing this same thing, I would go to Steam and pick the 6 games I want to play and I would look at the system requirements to see if I could get something which would 'get me by'. Do not settle for 'minimum', try to close in on 'recommended'. 2GB GDDR5; DX12; 128 bit => like a nVidia GTX950 might do - or the equivalent AMD like the R7 360.

    The alternative is to save up and build a new system from ground up. Some of the new stuff (DX12, 6Gbs SSD, USB3, Hyper Treaded Multi-core, etc) promises some neat new systems in the pretty near future.

    Do check your PSU with HWInfo and make sure that the ranges for voltages +12v and +5v are less than 3% or so from the nominal voltage - otherwise you might want to spend money there first. Then the HDD with the manufacturers software - just to be safe.
  3. Technician

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    My old desktop has the 680 in it, my wifes has the 670 in it and the kids have 750ti's in their old systems, all will work for games the kids will run sims3 on ultra (which is one of their favorite so it's the one we know about) You can use the chart to see what the current cards equivelants are for these. My wife and I can both play all the games on high or ultra. Shadows of Mordor on ultra on either of those as an example. (older monitors with 1920 x 1080)
    You can get a 960 for 186.00 that is about the same as the 680.
    I run a 850 watt psu with that card.

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