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By erwin1978
Aug 11, 2006
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  1. I wanna get my first guitar and I want it to be electric. I've been doing some extensive research online for the last few weeks and learning some guitar-speak. Now, I know where G-string comes from.

    I went to a local SamAsh store and saw a used Schecter Papa Roach Signature guitar for $250. It had dual EMG humbuckers from what I can tell, and a Floyd Rose tremolo. A giant roach emblem on the front and at the 12th fret. I don't know what year it is.

    I plan to come back fully loaded with guitar lingo know-how, but I need further advice from folks who know something about bargaining with guitar sales people. What are the dos and don'ts of the art? Guitar sales people should share me their thoughts.
  2. rev_olie

    rev_olie TS Guru Posts: 560

    hey :wave:

    Nice one on buying your first guitar. They are really nice guitars Schecter and are great when with EMG really nice pickups and great sound. However are you sure you dont want to go with something more lasting like a fender strat maybe as they will last any amount of fiddling and messing about great for new players but if you like the one you have seen then thats fine enough. Also you must be prepared to learn with that floyd rose tremlo on the guitar. They are a reall bugger sometimes as dirt can literally break the whole thing and there is alot of cleaning oiling etc to be done with them. I wouldnt advise this for first time use. However if you do go with a guitar with a FR then look here for the maintanence:

    YUo will be soooo much better with just a normal tremlo Wilkinson Peavey are good Fender etc but you will encounter loads of problmes with FR

    Anyway about the dealing. REally there are no fixed ruls about haggaling with the guitars. Really dont show you are a great novice. They will probably try and sell things you dont need. Try and get the price down aboviousley and take it down rapidly and then work up as the dealer does and then fix a price. Also when buying make sure you get a case!!. These will susally be free but if their not dont settle for a dust cover haggle for a proper gig bag and maybe a free pack of strings...picks etc. But dont ask for to much these people are busy people!!.

    Hope that helps you a little bit somehow and i havent confused you to much :). Il be happy to answer any questions as you buy and good look :grinthumb
  3. halo71

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    Schecter makes some great guitars. I've owned several over the years. But this being your first guitar, beware. Floyd trememlo's can give fits. They are the best there are to me, but if you are not familiar with them. They can make you curse! If I were you I'd look at a fixed bridge Schecter like the Omen-6. Great guitar for $299 new. Upgrade the pick-ups to REAL Seymour Duncans and you will have a sweet player.
  4. saioke

    saioke TS Rookie Posts: 16

    whatever you do though do not get one of those "beginner sets" even if their brand named or not. those sets are worse than buying a amp and guitar seperate i believe.

    most common types of electrics are stratocastors but i personally like pes pauls since they have different settings made for country, rock, esc...

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