Help: "Missing" files on a mapped drive

By C0d3Warr10r
Feb 1, 2006
  1. I'm using 2 computers in a workgroup with a shared drive on one of them. I will refer to my computer as *Computer A* and the "remote" computer as *Computer B*

    My problem is this: I can view most files on the mapped drive on Computer B from Computer A. However, in some of the subfolders, I can only view some of the files. Computer A and Computer B are both running Windows XP w/ SP2. I'm mapping the drive using a local administrator's account on Computer B. I've played around with permissions, but I really don't think this problem is permission related.

    My arguement against the possibility of permissions restricting my ability to view some files is because I've built the OS on Computer A with Windows Server 2003 and this symptom doesn't recur in that environment. I recently rebuilt the system with Windows XP SP2 again and the behavior returned. Any thoughts?

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    Solution to "Missing" files

    Well guys, I figured out my problem and wanted to put the solution into the forum. I hope this helps someone before they get as frustrated as me :)

    Open a Windows Explorer Window ->
    goto the Tools menu ->
    Click Folder Options ->
    Click the View tab ->
    Scroll down to the bottom and deselect "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)." ->
    Click OK, and your done. You should be able to view all files that are located on the mapped drive.

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