Help: Monitor displays "No-signal" after logging off windows

By scorpioh
Jul 16, 2005
  1. Hi,
    After getting poor responses from other hardware forums, I had decided to try my luck in techspot. any comment is deeply appreciated... :)

    This is what happened:
    I had just reformatted and resinstall WindowXp. After running for about a day, the monitor suddenly shows "no-signal" exactly when I logged-out of windows. It should supposedly show that blue windows screen with the users name for log-in. apparently the harddisks are still running and the system is "on". Its not a sleep or energy-saving mode (I can b pretty sure cos mousing around doesnt help) just not able to detect any video signal. I did a hard-reset by pressing the reset button on the casing and everything went back normal. That was the first time and only time something like this happened. I m using a MSI AGP 6600GT video card on a 15" viewsonic CRT monitor. Latest video drivers were used.

    May I know is that suppose to be a hardware or software problem? I had been getting n solving quite a no. of hardware issues and seriously hardware issues are tricky and troublesome... >: Is it a problem with the video card?

    Thanks alot...
  2. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    It may have just been a glitch, with your memory, at the time of signing out. If you can't replicate the problem, every time, then it is hard to determine what the problem actually is. As long as the problem hasn't repeated itself, I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. scorpioh

    scorpioh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That;s a very consoling and gladdening comment... thanks... <:
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