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help, my computer not working properly

By aznskater51 ยท 9 replies
Jan 6, 2006
  1. well i bought this new proccessor (intel) and put it into my comp replacing the proccessor and the computer would not start up with the new proccesor later finding out that it was fried, so obviously i put back in the proccessor that originally belonged to the computer and when i booted it up the screen was not showing up just blank. I could not figure out why it was doing this because the computer was working just fine before i put in the fried proccessor, and when i boot up the computer i here the hardrive start up as well as the fans and cd-roms. if anyone can help me it would be really appreciated.
  2. kraugie

    kraugie TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Could be static discharge that fried something else when you were changing processors. Where you grounded while doing this?
  3. aznskater51

    aznskater51 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    um what do u mean by grounded?
  4. kraugie

    kraugie TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Meaning that your mom grounded you for screwing up the computer.... J/K

    I was refering to electrical ground. Many people commonly use the computer case to ground themselves through a anti-static wrist-strap. I personally make sure I am touching a ground spot when doing anything with any internal components. But if you have no prior knowledge of grounding, it is quite possible that this is what happened, and you have fried another component. I hope for your sake this isn't the case, but I can't think of any other reason it wouldn't work like before if you have the same hardware configuration as before. You could also try reseting CMOS by taking power away and removing the coin battery on the motherboard for a few minutes (this applies to most motherboards).
  5. aznskater51

    aznskater51 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    so in another words it may be the mobo fried?
  6. kraugie

    kraugie TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Quite possible

    Did you try reseting CMOS?
  7. ohara

    ohara TS Rookie

    same thing happened to me

    I am new to the board, so I was looking through the searches and found a message that seems to be having some of the problems we are encountering.
    We had purchased a new processor out of a fairly new gaming computer for our son (our son purchased BF2 and his processor and video card was not strong enough)and after Christmas my husband replaced the new processor from the new computer to his old computer. It started to shut down and reboot. My husband then placed the old processor back into the computer and now my son's old computer shuts down and shows an error while trying to play games. My husband is pretty fair at fixing computers but we are at a loss.
    Any ideas>
    Also the new computer now does not boot up at all- But we were having a problem with no sound, and putting the newer video card gave us the same result. Now my son has 2 non working computers Can anyone help?
  8. kraugie

    kraugie TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Whoa Whoa

    First of all, I'd like to welcome you to TechSpot. When you have a new topic it is best to start a new thread. No one is going to see this post on an old thread except for me (because I'm tied into it). And please list specs, you will get more help that way. All that said, I'll try to help you, but it sounds like a bad processor to me.

    I guess I'm not sure what you mean here. Where you thinking the video card should fix the sound or what? I guess your trying to use that one for parts anyway, so that's not important here. But I'm thinking that what you were saying is the new computer was working before taking the processor out, but without sound. A few questions that you probably should've gotten out of the way before ever taking the processor out. Was he grounded when taking out and putting in said processor? If there was and transportation of the processor to the old computer: Was the floor carpeted?(If he didn't have the processor statically protected when transporting it on a carpeted floor, there's your problem, the processor is most likely destroyed.) I guess I really need to know more about the way the processors were handled. I know you said:
    , but quite frankly, I am a computer tech a small retail store and I hear similar things almost everyday, and 9 times out of 10, they don't live up to the hype.
  9. ohara

    ohara TS Rookie

    my computer not working properly

    Thought it would be better to attach it to a thread that was my same problem since this was not a new subject.
    Will do better next time.
    A few miscommunications about the message: I even get confused with different computers around the house and what we did to which one
    #1 Sons computer -amd athlon xp 1800+geforce 5200. needed new video card to play BF2- purchased geforce 6600 agp 256mb. Installed and worked fine son still could not run BF2 (too slow of processor). Christmas came decided to put in new processor, then found great deal on ebay for used gaming computer-amd athlon 3000+.
    Husband replaced new processor into old computer. Computer reboots and doesn't want to work right. Husband took out new processor and put back old processor into old computer. Now old computer won't play any games. Loads game but then returns to main screen.
    #2 New computerAmd athlon xp 3000+, 5200 agp 128mb- put back new processor and installed 6600 video card. Computer would turn on but blank screen. Checked all connections. Wondered if it was the extra connection needed for 6600.
    To make sure the video slot worked- put geforce 5200 (video card came with new computer) back in and now I didn't have a sound card deteched. Was in the process of reinstalling sound card drivers and mobo drivers when the computer went blank screen.
    I have complete awe for you computer techs (I myself a Vacuum, sewing machine tech) Husband is nuclear engineer. I am in complete agreement about said expertise.
    Before I send it to our local computer repair place I thought I might get a few ideas to try first.
  10. kraugie

    kraugie TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Sorry about the late reply (I have been working 14 hr days lately). On the new computer it's sounding to me like there is either a problem with the 6600 card or (more likely) there is a heat dissipation problem with the processors. When these processors were installed, was fresh heat sink paste/grease used? All you need is a dap of it, but it IS needed. The reason i come to this conclusion is because it sounds like it randomly went blank while you were installing drivers in the new machine.

    As far as the games on the old machine that worked once and now don't: you may try reinstalling graphics drivers. Get the latest drivers from www.nvidia.com. If that doesn't change anything, repost and we will go from there.

    I sure hope this helps you out. Again, sorry about the late reply.
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