Help My Motherboard Gone Kaplouie

By sycoblast
Jun 21, 2007
  1. Okay I'm having problems with my motherboard and i have no idea whats wrong.

    everything turns on in the computer but there is no post (black screen on monitor)

    i felt the cpu and seems like no power is going to it. tested cpu on another rig and it works

    ram is working and so are all other parts.

    i tried jumpstarting didnt work

    anyone know whats wrong

    usign a crap dell motherboard as replacement for mean time
  2. sycoblast

    sycoblast TS Rookie Topic Starter

    o yea i've got a dfi lanparty 865 PE

    use prescott 2.8ghz with ht
    also tries my 2.8 northwood with ht
  3. sycoblast

    sycoblast TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also motherboard turns on without the ram or cpu attached isn't that not suppose to happen?
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