Help Needed. Slow performance with Serial RAID setup.

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Jul 24, 2004
  1. I recently moved from a 80 gig 7200 RPM IDE Western Digital Hard Drive to 2 x 80 Gig Serial 7200 RPM Samsung Hard Drives that I used RAID 0.

    After installation I have seen absolutely no performance gain.

    I've attempted to update the drivers and troubleshoot through various manufacture websites with no luck.

    Any advise would be appreciated.
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  3. Rick

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    You won't see much performance at all.

    I have a RAID 0 with two 160GB drives. The benchmarks show about a 30-50% gain over a single drive in average throughput, but I can't really notice the difference.
  4. ASH

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    New Information

    I recieved the following information after running SiSoftware Sandra:

    Warning W3104 - Current transfer mode not optimal, i.e. not highest supported. This affects drive performance. If the controller is also capable of the highest supported transfer mode, there is no reason not to use it.

    Fix: First check controller supported transfer modes. Then check the mode the driver for the controller/BIOS is set to use and modify; some default to a lower mode for compatibility. You may need to install newer drivers if the current drivers do not natively support the controller (especially for RAID). You may need to update the controller BIOS or drive firmware, if the mode does not stick. If data corruption occurs verify the cable and consider switching (if any) drives on the same channel onto other channels.

    If the built-in controller does not support the mode, consider using the on-board/RAID controller or even disable the built-in controller and install a new controller.

    Now I just need to figure out if this is actually the problem (or IF this is a problem.)
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    Sandra can lie sometimes. While I don't entirely trust it (Its drive tests are especially unrealiable), its worth looking into. :)

    I usually use HD Tach for a quick and reliable benchmark. and their forums has probably any information you'll need to solve the problem (if there is one).
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    Well... I don't know what I did but my WinXP startup bar dropped from 9 passes down to a little over 4 today. (it was up to 11 on the single IDE drive).

    I found more information. A PassMark Test prior to the RAIDed Drives were as follows:

    Sequence Read = 28.9 MB/sec
    Sequence Write = 29.6 MB/sec
    Randome Seek+RW = 1.9 MB/sec

    Overrall my PC scored = 396.8

    I ran a PassMark Test on it now and it reads:

    Sequence Read = 40.4 MB/sec
    Sequence Write = 59.9 MB/sec
    Randome Seek+RW = 3.8 MB/sec

    Overrall my PC scored = 445.9

    I'm not sure how good the over all PC scores are but I definately have seen an improvement in drive access.
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    Good to hear. :)
  8. ASH

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    WOO! HOO! I finally got it!

    Just wanted to give an update... if anyone was interested.

    I re-installed my Western Digital 80 gig IDE drive. After setting up the boot order in the BIOS my boot time has been cut to almost nothing. My WinXP startup bar is now down to TWO passes! Things are working so well right now that I think I'll be leaving well enough alone.
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