help on bio's set up

By Radiance
Aug 12, 2006
  1. I got my computer back from the tech shop, and I was playing Wow for maybe 1 hour and when i did a raid it froze agen, i replace the mobo processor video card psu and it still froze. i'm wondering if this hand anything to do with my bio's i had my settings to 64 mb then 356 , primary slot pci instead of agp, and im using ide and not raid and one of the settings SATA was set to Raid. I wonder if that would cause problems. Now other then that for future guesses, would anyone else know wut could cause this problem the freezing screens? i swaped psu to 500 watt, got a new 6600 video card, im using asrock mobo and 3500+ 939 socket amd chip. 1500 ram and 3 HD's 2 of the are from seagate and 1 is maxtor's.
  2. Tedster

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    set your video in BIOS to match your video card. i.e. 256 for 256mb etc...

    freezeups in games are usually caused by bad drivers and overheating.

    check your temps. Also any nvidia driver after 81.98 are known to be unstable.
  3. Radiance

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    well, see when i had my old cpu it locked up like this too yeh i changed th bios settings to 256 mb because it was at 64 mb went it locked up. im not entirely sure if it could be my HD cause i swaped both sea gates around. I have build in fan for my 6600 but i'm not sure which driver to download.
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