Sudden Black Screen, computer stops working

By Arkz
Sep 26, 2015
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  1. Hello everyone, here to ask for some help with this, please.. I've been trying to figure this out myself reading and all, but have come to a dead end.

    Pc specs:
    • CPU: Phenom II X4 955BE 3.2 Ghz
    • Mobo: ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX (Bought this one thinking about upgrading to a FX processor)
    • RAM: 4 GB DDR3 1333, single stick
    • HDD: 500 GB Samsung, 7200rpm
    • Video: EVGA GT 520, now running the integrated ATI.
    • Case: Generic Case 2x 80mm Fans for airflow, in and out.
    • PSU: Omega 800w (Generic non certified) has a really big fan too.
    • Screen: 32 inch Panasonic Viera TV, wich I used on HDMI.
    • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 Bits
    Note: (Since the problem started I took off the GT 520 and started running with the integrated ATI card)
    • Most of the components are 4-5 yrs old, except the motherboard wich I bought in replacement of my old MSI mother board that died last year.
    The main problem is that, when the computer is under stress ''I presume'' (I.e gaming or photoshop, heck even playing a shockwave flash game) the computer just goes on black screen, and I have to reset it manually in order for it to boot up again.. There are no dmp files on the minidump folder either.

    I can be on internet (chrome, firefox) watching anime, movies, you name it, with multiple tabs, and haven't encountered with any trouble at all, except for that flash game wich is kinda resource heavy, other than that, for simple tasks it runs fine.

    Fans keep running, keyboard leds do turn off, haven't really flipped the mouse over to see if it lost power since everytime this happens I just go angry and reset it.. Its just looks like it shuts to hibernation or something (Power management options are set to not do this).

    I'm not a heavy gamer, mostly play League of Legends (under lowest settings), on windowed mode. On photoshop I do some heavy work wich requires a little more usage.

    The machine ran fine, played many games wich could run with my poor GT520 back then, then I just stopped that 'heavy gaming' and sticked to League/HoTS.. W/o encountering any trouble.

    First I thought it was an overheat problem, did some monitoring with HWinfo, SpeedFan and Asrock O.C Tuner, speedfan and HWinfo show the temps at 46° on idle for the CPU and 37° for the MoBo. O.C Tuner, shows 45° on the CPU and 37° on the Mobo..

    Under gaming, league, on windowed, CPU goes to 55-56°, haven't really tried another game since im waiting for a new card.

    All this was monitored after replacing thermal paste and blowing dust off. (I regularly clean the pc dust every 2-3 weeks)

    Im really confused about this, could this be the motherboard dying?? or is this a PSU failure??.. Been reading a lot about this but I can't find something that points me the direction I should go on testing.

    It all started from 2 weeks for now, the motherboard isn't even 1 yr old. I ordered a brand new PSU (EVGA W1 500w 80+) and a brand new Gtx 750Ti SC card, so im pretty dissappointed that I can't install those, they might damage or something from all the shutdowns..

    I appreciate some help, its driving me nuts already:'(
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  2. 1indians

    1indians TS Rookie

    I took out all duplicate programs like anti virus and restarted computer
  3. Arkz

    Arkz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean with that.

    If you mean the OS could be the cause, it would more likely throw me a blue screen with the error naming the file that is causing trouble, or an error code.. Not a total shutdown while the fans keep runing :oops:

    Anyone else with any ideas of what could be happening?
  4. Arkz

    Arkz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16


    Computer is still shutting down. Haven't tried the new PSU I mentioned since it haven't arrived to my city yet.

    A little update:


    That little guy on the red square, better said, that little heatsink is really HOT compared to the bigger one sitting on the ASROCK logo font.

    -Could that be the issue?
    -A simple MoBo overheat can shut down the entire system, and if so, is it possible to apply some kind of compound on it?

    Right now while im writing this the MoBo Temp is at 40°c.

    ''Finger temperature'' on that little heatsink is way above while the PC is running, or when it shuts down.

    I'm still thinking its the PSU that is failing.. But now I found this..

    Please, anyone with any thoughts or ideas? I'm really desperate about these random shutdowns :/

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