Help!! Transport GX Power Socket Took A Hit

By jrock310
Nov 30, 2005
  1. Any info someone may provide will be hugely appreciated!! I have a Micron Transport GX laptop. A small black plastic tube has fallen out of the power socket jack on the back of the computer. I'm not going to take it do a dealer (it's too old for the $) but need to get it working again, as I can't buy a new one. Tried to crack it open to get a better look at the piece, I think I might be able to just glue it back on, but it seems like the center of the computer is stuck together. Some type of adhesive? Took out ALL of those little screws though...on the back, it looks like there is a small metal "Y" inside the jack, and I can see where this tube has broken off. Are the metal posts supposed to go inside the tube or outside (assuming I can get in to try and fix it)? :(
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