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Sep 13, 2003
  1. I have Sound Blaster Live! Series (WDM). The current driver version is 5.1.2603.0

    I have been using the Sound Blaster Website to see if I need to update the driver but I am totally confused.
    The following is what the site says:

    READ THIS FIRST - Which Update is for you?
    1) LiveDrvPack_Patch (6.17MB)

    Download the LiveDrvPack_Patch only if ALL the following are true:
    You have a Sound Blaster Live! AND
    You are running Windows 2000 or XP AND
    You do not need to install the software in a language other than English AND
    You previously downloaded and installed the first LiveDrvPack.exe (SBLW-XPWEB-W3-US), posted July 17,2002.
    If you do not know what revision of drivers you currently have installed click here for instructions on how to check.
    Do NOT download the LiveDrvPack_Patch if ANY of the following are true:
    You do NOT have a Sound Blaster Live!
    You are NOT running Windows 2000 or XP
    You are NOT an English language software user.
    You have NOT downloaded the previous LiveDrvPack.exe.

    I click the link above for the instructions and it says:

    Checking Your Current Drivers Version
    If you are not sure which version of web updates drivers is installed on your system. Please use the following steps to determine the current versions installed.
    Using window explorer or My Computer icon on your desktop
    Please go to [Windows Dir]\System32\drivers
    Please look for the following 2 files
    - ctaud2k.sys
    - ha10kx2k.sys
    Highlight each file as it is found and right click on the filename; select Properties from the drop-down menu, then click on the Version tab to display the version number.
    If the files match the version numbers stated below, you may download and install LiveDrvPack_Patch.
    If your files is lesser then the version number, please download and install LiveDrvUni-Pack to updates your drivers.
    - ctaud2k.sys [ ]
    - ha10kx2k.sys [ ]

    I do not have either of these files. The instructions say nothing about not having the files only whether the files match version numbers or are lesser version numbers. I'm not the smartest tool in the shed so any help would sharpen my edge.

    This is the link to the driver update page I was using:

    Thank you.
  2. prashidi

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  3. Brego

    Brego TS Rookie

    I have the SoundBlaster Live! Value soundcard. I am trying to update my drivers but the link on the creative website that tells how to tell what version you have is broken. How do I tell which version of driver I have and if I need to update the drivers?
  4. Nodsu

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    Go to Device Manager, open the properties for your SB sound card and look in the Driver tab.
  5. rssexy ss

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    I am also trying to find the solution to this problem. I have been trying to install this soundcard for a couple years now and I find it extremely impossible. On startup i have a missing file devcon32.dll What is that. I know its from the sound card. My model number is sb0220. I cant even find that on the creative website. The one patch from techspot I applied but pops up with an error. CANNOT FIND THE AUDIO DEVICE. But i go into my device manager and it seems to be working fine. in addition I had to disable my other soundcard that came with the computer. This card cannot even be chosen as the default device in the control panel. Im hoping someone can help me out. Very frustrating!
  6. SouthernComfort

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    Have ya'll tried the Creative WebUpdate?

    I use that all the time , that way it scans your PC and only installs what you need , I have an Audigy2 that I use webupdate for and so far so good.

    I'm not sure it will work for ya , but trying to figure what you have and what you need on the Creative site can be a pain sometimes.

    It's a little tough to find , but if you go to the page with your soundcard drivers on it , it will be in the left menu near the top.

    Hope this helps.
  7. vegasgmc

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    I have the SB0220 too and cant get it to install. It came without a driver disk. It turns out that card is an OEM card and Creative will not support it. They wont even tell me who its made for so I can try to find drivers. OEM cards are made with some hardware identifiers missing so that you cant use Creative drivers. Thats why you get the error cannot find audio device and no sound blaster sound card installed.
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