Help with damaged/corrupted .WMA files


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I have a few old .WMA audio files that I recorded years ago on my external drive. At the time (c. 2008), had accidently enabled "copy-protection" in Windows Media Player which placed Windows DRM on the files.

So far, I have successfully removed the DRM on all the files, however, some WMAs will not play. All I get is silence and an occasional computer glitch noise.

I know there is audio data intact, as the file sizes are still large. I have not found any information online that has helped me repair or extract the audio.

I have attached two examples of the .WMA files with the DRM removed (I apologize in advance for these recordings - What can I say? I was a kid with a microphone!) These tracks come from the same album:

Unplayable WMA file

Playable WMA file

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you need any other information on the files.

Mark Fuller

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You might try dowlnoading a file converter like format factory and converting to a different file type like mp3 or maybe even trying to repair the files with the file converter. Also, I would try first to open control panel, open up troubleshooting and click on view all. Then you can run the troubleshooter for both Windows media player library and windows media player settings.
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