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Jul 31, 2006
  1. My friend has an EMachines T3256 Desktop Computer, and is upgrading his GeForce 4 MX integrated graphics card with a GeForce 6200 apg 8x card. He is not sure what the power supply is in his computer. Does anybody know (no psu has been replaced).
  2. Vigilante

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    You can only look at the label on the PS to find out. But it is very common for E-Machines to give only a 250W or maybe 300W power supply.

    It should be able to run the video card, but an upgrade may be in the future.
  3. justinone

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    my eMachines is a 230w as standard.
  4. cfitzarl

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    Thanks for your help! He checked out the psu, and it was 300w, which is the minimum for the card.
  5. hewybo

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    Just FYI

    My neighbor had an eMachines with oem psu- 2 years old- PSU went south, no warning- took mobo and processor along for the ride. A GOOD 350W PSU is not that expensive, and is worth the investment. I suggest Antec for price and reliability.:eek:
  6. Jarn

    Jarn TS Rookie

    I suggest that Fortron is better than Antec! ;)
  7. hewybo

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    Fortron/Sparkle/Coolermaster/Seasonic/Enermax/ZippyEmacs/Silverstone/PcPowerandCooling are all excellent. I suggested Antec based on personal experience, is all.:wave:
  8. onesmartidiot

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    i just came across this and other emachines threads, and am now somewhat worried because my sister spent a pretty penny on an emachine about a year ago. are these like dell with a propriatory (sorry if thats spelled wrong) plug setup?

    if not ill go buy a new one (power supply)
  9. kpo6969

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  10. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The majority of EMachines use standard ATX PSUs but they're of notoriously poor quality and it is very common to see an EMachines PSU blowing and taking the motherboard along for the ride. So replace the PSU ASAP with a good-quality part from the brands recommended by hewybo in post #7.
  11. hugonandy

    hugonandy TS Rookie

    Hi Everyone I new to the group and this is the first time I have come accross the problem, I am about to let you know.

    My father in law got an E-machine about 2-3 yrs ago model # T2885
    It has worked just fine 'til couple days ago.

    While I was searching on the net to see what the problem could be, I saw this website and I realized that the machine he bought is not as reliable as we thought.

    So I opened the machine and I noticed that the green light on the mobo was not on, I looked at the mobo and it looks like is in one piece, nothing melted near the PSU conection but the brand you all are talking about (I think is Baltek) is the one of the PSU.
    So I went to the computer store and I bought an ATX simple power supply (480 wtts) so I replaced it and when I turned it on the green little light in the mobo went on but the computer does not want to turn on, I pressed the ON/OFF switch and nothing happened.

    Please do you have any suggestions, I am at a lost, I want to help my father in law because he needs his computer but I need help to do it.
    Thank you
    Please let me know
    Happy Thanksgiving to all !!
  12. Teranius

    Teranius TS Rookie Posts: 115

    firstly check that all the powercables are connected. if they are there may be another problem, and i'd suggest that you put the old psu back in and check whether it still works. if the pc doesnt work after swapping the psu's there's a chance that the mobo has gone
  13. hugonandy

    hugonandy TS Rookie

    Thank you Teranius,
    Now someone metion you could see the mobo burnt if it was damaged by the PSU
    SO if the mobo is bad which type of mobo would you suggest?
    Thank you
  14. Teranius

    Teranius TS Rookie Posts: 115

    asus and gigabyte are top of the list. if you can give me the specs your looking for i can be more spesific with the mobo. also include a budget and the specs of the current pc for usable parts
  15. hugonandy

    hugonandy TS Rookie

    Hi Teranius
    The following are the specs on the machine
    "the Budget they have is not very big" is a bit limited $50-$120"
    CPU and Memory Processor Brand Intel
    Processor Class Celeron
    Processor Speed 2.8 GHz
    Installed Memory 512 MB
    Bus Speed 400 MHz
    Cache Size 128 KB
    Memory Technology DDR SDRAM
    Maximum Memory 1 GB
    Number of Installed Processors 1
    Maximum Number of Processors 1
    System Chipset Intel 845GV

    Storage Included Drives 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy, DVD-ROM, CD-RW
    Hard Drive Capacity 80 GB
    CD Read Speed 16 X
    Drive Controllers IDE
    CD Read Speed (2nd) 48 X

    Monitor and Graphics Video Integration Integrated
    Display Type None.

    Communications and Networking Modem Speed 56 Kbps
    Network Support Ethernet, Fast Ethernet

    Connectors Interface Provided Serial, Parallel Port, VGA, Phone line, Ethernet

    Expansion Slot Types Provided Processor, Memory

    Chassis and Power Supply Chassis Style Tower

    Software Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Included Software Drivers & Utilities, Compuserve, AOL, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Cyberlink PowerDVD , Microsoft MediaPlayer, Microsoft Works 6.0, RealPlayer, Microsoft Money 2003, BigFix, Microsoft Encarta Online, Norton AntiVirus 2004

    Warranty Warranty Information 1 year warranty

    General Product Info Input Devices Mouse, Keyboard
    Also known as EMachines, EMachines T2885, Emachines T2885
    Manufacturer Part No. T2885
    UPC 764296108214
    Dimension 14.1 in x 7.2 in x 16 in (HxWxD)
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