Help with Realtek soundcard drivers

Nov 8, 2010
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  1. So yesterday i formated my PC and after installing winxp sp3 i started adding the motherboard and soundcard drivers. But when i started soundcard drivers setup my pc just force restarts when it starts updating the drivers.

    I thought maybe my drivers are outdated .... I got Asus K8N motherboard and soundcard Realtek ALS850 so i went from Asus website to download the latest drivers. I reformat and install winxp again and try to update the drivers but its the same. Again my pc restarts when i try to update the sound drivers. Tried updating the drivers manually through the device manager but then again in the end my pc restarts..... I somehow manage to add the drivers but Realtec AC'97 shows yellow problem with "Code 10 the device is not working ".

    I even tried to update the drivers in safe mode which they do finish without any problems but then my pc just restarts all the time and cant start windows so I had to return to a previous saved point.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    Hi Acelll, welcome to Techspot
    Have you tried to enable the "Device" in Computer Management ?
    From the "Desktop" Icons
    > left click once on "My Computer"
    > then right click mouse button to expose drop-down menu
    > left click to select "Manage"
    > from the list under the heading "Computer Management (local)" select "Device Manager"
    > from the Menu in the right window panel select "Sound, video and game controllers"
    > left click your device "Realtek ALS850"
    > right click the mouse button and from this drop-down menu select "Properties"
    > at the bottom of the table left hand corner, is the heading "Device Usage" and below a window which should let you select either
    (i) Do not use this device (disable)
    (ii) Use this device (enable)

    hope this helps

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