Help With Removal of Win32/Heur Virus

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Aug 3, 2009
  1. I've recently just discovered I have the virus win32/heur on my laptop.
    My avg antivirus picked this up in 7 different locations. Ive tried running other antispywares like malwarebytes anti-malware and it wont open (in safe mode or normal mode). I've tried downloaded kaspersky but it won't install with avg on my computer. Other antispywares and antiviruses will download but stop because they can't connect to the internet.
    Now when I try to run avg is stops in the middle and says the program has stopped responding. It shuts down CCleaner when I try to run it.
    I also can't access my internet anymore unless it's to a useless webpage or a webpage that requires a password.
    I tried going to and it wouldn't load the webpage and i tried and it won't load either. I also tried downloading trend micro and it installs but won't connect to the internet to update.
    I have windows vista on my computer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I ran a scan using superantispyware as it was the only one that would run and scan on my laptop. I was running it in safe mode with networking, I saved the scanner log to show here and restarted my computer in normal mode so I could get avira or avast. I ran CCleaner until it was complete. I went onto step 3 to disable AVG and anything else I need to disable.
    I was in the middle of disabling AVG when my computer screen went black. I turned my computer off and restarted it in safe mode and the screen went black again before I could log on.
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    No need for 'safe mode' try again after starting Windows normally.:)
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    When I start my computer it powers on and loads but right before the log in screen with username and password, the screen goes black and stays black. This happens in both normal and safe mode.
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