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Jul 25, 2006
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    Hmmm..... This is interesting.

    I've personally never used SyGate, but it appears it may be some sort of NAT software. This NAT software routes traffic, just like your router does. SyGate seems to be a software implimentation of NAT, as opposed to your Linksys, which is a hardware NAT box. Also, SyGate appears to also be a DHCP server. This may explain the multiple IP blocks that have been appearing, although now we have a third IP block invovled - (linksys), (unknown source) or (unknown source).

    This is getting more complicated and its difficult to account for everything that may be wrong or right, but I'd start by disabling the SyGate software because its complicating things and is at least partially responsible for your problems.

    Were you aware you had SyGate installed and were you aware of what it does? Is it possible your ISP installed SyGate so you can share your Internet connection? If they have installed it, you may want to talk to them about its role in their setup and if it safe to uninstall it and use your own router instead.

    About those two extra IP blocks popping up... Is it possible SyGate is on both computers? Each of your computers may have its own IP block and is trying to be its own gateway/router. So this would explain the unexpected gateway addresses and IP address, if that's true.

    You should be able as long as your Internet service is DHCP (This is unrelated to your DHCP server issues). If it is PPPOE, you'll need a user name and password to login. If your service uses a static IP, you'll need to know what your settings are. Your ISP will know what type of service you have if you don't have this information written down etc..

    If you have PPPOE or Static IP Internet service, this would explain why you're unable to connect to the Internet after resetting the router and trying directly with your computer(s). Of course this could also be because of other problems, such as SyGate being installed.

    The best thing to do is contact your ISP (as horrible as they may be) and ask them what kind of service you have... PPPOE, DHCP, Static IP or some other proprietary service. Then ask them what configuration is required (PPPOE needs a user name and pass, and Static IP needs an IP, subnet, gateway & DNS info, for example). With this information, we can make better decisions, as some things are a shot in the dark since we don't really know how your service works.
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    no wireless on laptop

    right please bare with me when i say these things, i understand how frustrated you are, and what i am about to suggest is thru experience.

    firstly have you anything else plugged into the laptop, maybe a pcmcia card, printer, anything basically, if so unplug all, through the network connections on the contriol panel make sure that the never dial a conection is ticked,

    click on the setup button above, then proceed but make sure you click setup connection to internet manually

    then just click on broadband that is always on

    if you say your gateway ip address is

    i suggest you try and get on the net via the desktop and type in the address bar this should bring up the router config, click on advanced then enter admin as the user name and admin as the password

    click on troubleshooting then do a test

    if all works it pass all, but if you still find that ip address is still searching then the last test will not complete, another suggestion although is really for the nerds is to upgrade the firmware. but to do this you need to be hardwired to the router as if you lose connection during upgrade your stuffed. hope this helps above all else good luck, my experience, i lose connection when i have a graphics card in, lack of power output.
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    Wireless is not working ok

    Thanks for the tips. I figured out right after setting up this new wireless isp that I had to set the modem not to dial out for anything to work well. A guy here has helped me figure out my problems mainly with the settings and also that my present router needs replaced with a better one.

    As long as I do not hardwire my laptop and just use it wirelessly close to the router I am fine. I do not use my desktop that much but its settings keep changing. All I do now is change them back and it will connect also. It is not perfect but at least now I know how to deal with the problem.

    Thanks for the tips.
  4. cheryl51

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    typo--wireless is NOW working ok

    Sorry, did not see my mistake until it was posted.
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    hello there did u figer out ur trouble with tranzero? i might be able to help . let me know how far u got with it
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    Thought I had it mastered

    I became really good at changing my configurations on the router and computers--never could figure out why they kept changing. The wireless company always blamed my computers or router for all my problems but how can 3 different computers be bad and I already tried another router. I have not had wireless for 4 days and finally decided just to cancel altogether. I am tired of dealing with the problems and paying for a service that does not always work. It is their equipment to blame for my erratic service but they will not admit it. I am now back to old fashioned dialup. My only other options are satellite or bluetooth for my macbook. Living in the country eliminates a lot of choices for me.

    I really appreciate all the help offered in this forum and have learned a lot here.
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    did u try just pluging ur desk top computer to the tranzero to see if ur internet is there ? soulds like no if ur back on the phone line . an did u log on too the tranzero too see what kinda signal u get? but ur routres ip address has to match ur tranzero's ip address for trafic to flow to ur computers . i am an internet service provider my self an i know thes tranzero's work fine . if u want more help email me back ill be happy to help u out
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