Heur and Virtumonde

By Kluzer
Aug 1, 2009
  1. hello! All my problems started with a .exe file. I did run avg and spybot and found a heur and a virtumonde. I started with following the steps of your 8-step guide and i noticed a major improvement, but still not all better. In the 8-step i just couldnt do SuperAntiSpyware scan, my pc reboots when i start doing it. I got a major slow down due to a above normal value in memory use, my homepage is always changing (i got that solved with homepage protection of superantispyware, but if i turn it off homepage change comes again) and sometimes i get porn shortcuts in my desktop. I'll post my logs. I believe in you guys!
  2. Tmagic650

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    Your Malwarebytes (mbam) log Shows "No Action Taken" You really need to take action on all these entries and delete them. You have Trojans galore...You will need to turn off System Restore ( Sorry Bobeye :zzz:) by getting into Control Panel, System, Advanced and unchecking any checked boxes, and rerunning the Scans. After the scans are clean you can recheck the System restore box. You might also ditch AVG and go with free Avast or Advir antivirus. They are a bit better than AVG
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