"Hi-Density Dram" pc3200 a different animal?

By Mugsy
Jul 27, 2006
  1. I just purchased a 1GB stick of 184-pin PC3200 DDR ram to add to a stick of 512MB 184-pin PC3200 DDR ram already in my computer. But when I boot up, my MoBo doesn't see/recognize it (still boots normally, just with only 512MB).

    I was under the impression that by simply being "184-pin PC3200 DDR ram" it was the same type of ram and compatible with my PC. But I found on the label it is "Hi-Density" PC3200 ram. That's a new one to me.

    Is there a difference or did I just get a dead stick of ram?

    I tried swapping the slots I put the ram in, and even tried it by itself. Nothing. And the only DRAM setting in my Pheonix BIOS is for Dram "timing". No help there.

    My setup:

    2003 Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum KT600 MoBo.
    Athlon 3200+ XP processor.
    512MB PC3200 DDR ram.
    WinXP Pro SP2.
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