Hi, noob builder for the Enthusiast's PC

By duddbudda
Feb 7, 2011
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  1. hi,
    I've been a mac user for the last five years, but now my mini tiger machine's getting a bit long in the webTOOth.0 and I've just pre-ordered shogun2 and need a PC to play it on.

    TS has been ace at getting me some kind of hardware aware pretty rapidly and brilliantly foolproof easy so straight up thanks for that - but for this site i'd have spent £1000 on a year old machine with a 1055 and 260gt level of tech - when it turns out i can build your enthusiast's PC for ~850 inc windows 7 - sweet (not the 2500K, cause i doubt to be clocking just yet)
    been 5 years since i gave up (read: got tempted by an Apple) thinking of building my own PC and definitely need to ask for a few pointers:

    What am i missing from a basket of the Enthusiast's PC components?

    The friend who i used to look to for BIOS-flashing know-how has drifted 300-miles away, so are there any BIOS/general build for Dummies that are up-to-date and trusted?

    Is anyone up for keeping an beady on my progress if I post updates to TS?

    What are the blatant necessary steps and questions i clearly haven't got a clue about?

    And when it all gets flying who wants to play 8-way clan campaigns with me n smg specialist?


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