Hidden Drives in Win XP

By rascard2007
Nov 20, 2008
  1. I´m having an issue with Windows XP SP3 that seem to be could be the remainings of a virus infection or some group politics.

    My computer recognizes and mount the USB keyboard and mouse and an external HDD that I made with the circuitry of an external CDRW and an IDE 40GB HDD. when I put any flash device in the USB port It is at first recognized but windows doesn´t mount the partitions in the devices and put them as hidden. I have to use the partition find and mount (excellent program) to get access the data stored in the flash devices.

    On the other hand windows doesn´t recognizes the HDD in the Primary Master IDE Position, the disk works perfectly in MS-DOS, but when I boot Windows simply disapears!!. I moved it to the Primary Slave IDE position and it works perfectly in windows!!

    Is that the remaining of a Virus Infection?, If so is there any way to recover it without a complete new windows installations?. I tried the repairing of the windows installation but not solved the problem

    Many Thanks in Advance,


    My Desktop PC is:

    P5S800-VM ASUS Motherboard
    Intel 670 CPU. 3.8 GHz, 800 FSB L2:2MB
    1024 MB DDR 400 MHz RAM
    XFX nVidia 6200 256 MB AGP 8x Video Card
    80 GB Seagate SATA HDD
    40 GB Maxtor IDE HDD
    Lite On DVD-RW
    Lifeview 2000FM TV Card w/FM Radio
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