HijackThis Log Attached; Concern re "016-DPF:" deletions

By wlknaack
Nov 11, 2005
  1. A Safemode HijackThis Log is attached for review.

    Also, for RealBlackStuff: Knowing that you recommend the deletion of all "016-DPF" entries regardless of their name, I am concerned regarding the deletion of several of my "016-DPF:" entries, specifically those pertaining to Microsoft software validation and security updates. Is there a potential negative effect on those functions if the entries are deleted? Please advise.

    I wish to thank you in advance for reviewing the log and recommending the removal of unwanted entries.

    Postscript: You will have to go to User Control Panel/Attachments posted by wlknaack to find the log: hijackthissafemode111105. For some reason the uploaded attachment will not attach to this post, but it does reside in my attachments folder here in the forum. Never encountered this problem before.
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