Horrific AGP(?) problems in Win2k/XP

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I decided to try an upgrade to WinXP (after my father brought a corporate copy of WinXP Pro home...shhh ;) ), so I backed up my important files, formatted and installed. Everything goes smoothly, all drivers are installed, and I try to open Half-Life...boom, hard lock up. I rebooted, and I get a message that my Nvidia GeForce3 Ti200 drivers are causing problems, etc. Well, I reinstall a different version of the drivers and try again. Lock up, same message on reboot. I try to run DxDiag, and it freezes through half way. Try again, this time it says there was a problem on the DirectDraw step of the tests. I skip it and Direct3D acceleration is disabled...and running the DirectDraw test freezes it.

Rather annoyed with this outcome, I reformat and install Win2K. As with before, it doesn't isntall a CPU-to-AGP bridge (just a Standard PCI-to-PCI) so AGP is disabled. I load up Intel drivers via a installer on my mobo's driver disk. Reboot, and then on the splash screen it goes corrupt (masses of randomly coloured pixels everywhere) and locks up. I boot into safe mode, remove the intel drivers, and yet it still locks up at the splash screen. Once again I format and reinstall Win2K, which is where I am now...

P3-1Ghz @ 1125Mhz (150 x 7.5)
i815 chipset motherboard
Inno3d GeForce3 Ti200

Any ideas? :confused:


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MS upgrades are the devil

Okay, you say you upgraded your windows 2000 to XP, yeah???

I've never had any luck with that kind of BS. Try a clean format and install. Its a pain, I know. But MS is getting silly if it thinks it can upgrade anything to anything.
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