Setting in Win 10 not working, trying to recover

SO I use Brave browser, and I have the password managerr and all of a sudden it stopped working and has no more of my PW's (not sure if it's relavent). I went to setting to go to recover and it just freezes and also when bottong the taskbar takes about 3-5 min to show up. I have God Mode but I hae never messed with it, I did however try and create a new account with it to see if the issue persists. Again that will freeze up too. Please help I can not loose my data I have back ups of some nut the no real backups just HDD backups.


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If this hard drive is the older type with the spinning platters then it sounds like it is failing. I would physically remove the drive. Get a new drive. Rebuild the computer then connect the old drive and grab the most critical files first before the drive collapses completely. Paying for data recovery is pricey.